Fan movies vs fan edits vs fan vids

The three most common forms of fan-created video can be distinguished as fan movies, fan edits, and fan vids.

Fan movies are videos in which fans recreate scenes from movies they are fans of, whether in live action, animation, or stop-motion animation with franchise toys.

Fan edits (or fanedits) are versions of films that have been re-edited by fans to create a new viewing experience (different focus, focus on specific character, removal of scenes or characters, re-framing of shots, etc). These are done using computer video editing technology and commerical dvds.

Fanvids (or fan vids) are part of the vidding subculture. This tradition was started by women using VHS recorders in the 1970s. A fanvid re-edits video footage from one or more movies and sets the footage to a song or piece of music, basically creating a music video that generally explores characters, plot ideas, etc that do not appear in the original film or are submerged in the film. For instance, when Luminosity re-edits footage from the film 300 and creates a choreographed montage bristling with homoerotism as a video for Madonna’s (gay) club anthem “Vogue” she is creating a fanvid, or she is vidding.