fanvid (vidding)

Wikipedia: Vidding is … creating music videos from the footage of one or more visual media sources, thereby exploring the source itself in a new way. The creator may explore a single character, support a particular romantic pairing between characters, criticize or celebrate the original text, or point out an aspect of the TV show or film that they find under-appreciated.

The majority of vidders are women.

Vidding goes back to the 1970’s and the VCR.

The assigned readings for this week discus the specifically feminine side of vidding, and argue about whether vidding should remain part of an alternative “gift” economy, where women share their re-imaginings of male-created stories among each other as a non-commercial creative act, or whether women should be trying to monetize and cash in on their creativity as men have traditionally done.


A famous, respected and viral example of female vidding from 2012, by one of the most celebrated practioners of our time, luminosity.

In this re-cut of footage from 300, the underlying eroticism and choreography of the visceral battle sequences and the more explicit homoeroticism from the movie are forefronted in a music video set to the 1980s “gay anthem” of Madonna’s “Vogue.” This video arguably re-edits the movie for a straight female and gay male sensibility, showing the aspects of the film that spoke most to luminosity.

The extreme form of this kind of re-editing can be seen in the Slash subculture.